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We’re here for the helpful stuff. The practical side of wedding planning. Where to find things. How to cope. How to stay organized. It’s simple, honest advice and guidance that’s easy to find and filter through.

Because maybe you’re a bride who is just getting her feet wet. Maybe you’re a groom who is taking on a big chunk of wedding planning. Maybe you’ve made some headway in planning and need some help staying organized. Maybe you’re just in way over your head and are looking for a little perspective. Maybe you just want someone to tell you what the heck to because this is all getting very overwhelming.

How do you manage it all when you have real life to attend to on top of it all?

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Just got engaged and don’t know where to start?

Just for fun

  • Our favorite movie wedding dresses and ones from ¬†TV as well: If you’re looking for a little hollywood wedding, inspiration we’ve got some of the most memorable ones.
  • The Royals: Long trains, big ball gowns, lace, jewels, tiaras – this is how the real princesses and queens do it.
  • Musical inspiration! 99 songs to walk down the aisle to (and links to all sorts of ideas for your wedding music)

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