About Us

There are a lot of fun and pretty things about wedding planning, but when you get down to it, you have a big, important party to plan. You’re the bride, but you’re also an event planner, stylist, accountant, project manager, negotiator, peacekeeper, travel agent, and star of the show. And you have real life to manage on top of that.

This is a site about the practical side of weddings.  Where I marry (pun intended) the process of planning a wedding with the latest technologies, gadgets, apps and new ways of thinking as a way to keep brides efficient, savvy, healthy and sane.


Who are you anyway?

I’m Rosanna Casper, a mom, blogger and wedding fanatic who has been writing about weddings (and engagement rings) since 2010. Flowers and dresses aside, I love what weddings symbolize. I love talking to glowing brides and grooms and my goal is to help that glow stay ever present throughout the wedding planning process.

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